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(m)Power Podcast: Insights from the 2017 National Workers’ Compensation Conference

Learn what our Mitchell panelists had to say about trends in workers’ comp.

In this first installment of Mitchell’s (m)Power Podcast series, we visited the National Workers’ Compensation conference at the beginning of December and spoke with Mitchell industry experts Shahin Hatamian, Lisa Hannusch, Michele Hibbert-Iacobacci and Brian Allen about what’s trending in workers’ compensation. We discussed the latest in technology, their biggest takeaways from the conference and their predictions for 2018.

Here’s what they had to say:

Here is a summary of our panelists’ thoughts.

What technology do you see transforming the workers’ compensation industry?

Our panelists spoke about automation, integration and speed in the claims process. With better data, analytics and machine learning, the claims process may become more efficient and effective thereby helping patients get back to work more quickly. One of the biggest evolutions is the integration of telemedicine in workers’ comp. This technology is driving new models of patient care to support faster recovery and may help those in rural areas receive better care. Finally, our panelists spoke about utilizing technology to predict and prevent injury in the workplace.

What is your biggest takeaway from the NWC conference?

NWC was a great experience for all of our panelists. Two of their key takeaways include excitement about seeing many new faces and technologies. They see these aspects as leading the way toward innovation and improvement in the workers’ compensation industry.

What is your biggest focus for 2018?

A focus on technology is a key for our panelists in 2018. At Mitchell, this includes improving analytics, reporting, workflows and the digital experience. Another focus is “getting it right” through our WIGS emphasis: Whole Is Greater than the Sum of its parts, which includes integrating services and working alongside customers to create better experiences for them and for the workers they serve. Finally, our panelists spoke of focusing on battling the continued spread of opioid abuse and finding effective alternatives to support injured workers.

What are your thoughts about technology and the future of workers’ compensation? There is so much to consider and we are excited to see where 2018 will take us. Join us for our next (m)Power Podcast, where Brian Allen will be speaking about his predictions for 2018. Listen to his podcast here.