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Motor Vehicle Markets Q4 2017

We recap the motor vehicle markets trends from Q4 2017, highlighting the best-selling U.S. cars, trucks, and current used vehicle market conditions...

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From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, technology is transforming the Property & Casualty insurance and collision repair ecosystem. Whether your area of focus is collision claims, collision repair, first or third party casualty, workers’ compensation or pharmacy, mPower by Mitchell is your source for information and expert opinions on the latest technology and business trends.

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Artificial Intelligence: 7 Tips for Success

News and predictions about how artificial intelligence will shape the insurance industry are popping up almost every day. The infographic below highlights seven tips for working with artificial intelligence, including limitations, opportunities and...

Mitchell 2018 mPower Conference

Join us for Mitchell’s premier customer conference, the 2018 Mitchell Property & Casualty (P&C) Conference, an exclusive, three-day event specifically for insurers and collision repair executives.

October 1, 2018

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“Augmented reality and artificial intelligence both have valuable applications in the broad P&C claims ecosystem today, but we’re a long way from realizing their full potential. I am looking forward to seeing the future unfold.”

—Alex Sun, President and CEO, Mitchell